Never Pay For These Items With Your Credit Card! 

Credit Card Payment

Gone are the days when we had to take our wallets with a certain amount of money for shopping. Today, we are part of a cashless economy that is not just making shopping more fun but also super convenient. People no more have to juggle with coins and bills. All thanks to technological advances! 

While going cashless seems easy, not many know that it has numerous pitfalls as well. One of the main disadvantages is that it completely disrupts a person’s finances as well as budgeting. It is easy to get overboard particularly when there is ‘SALE’ at your favorite brand’s showroom. 

So before you decide to go out and swipe your credit card, you should read this blog. This blog has listed some of the top things one should not pay for using his or her credit card. You can thank us later!

Mortgage Payments

There are times/days when we go low in cash and this is when most people decide to rely on their credit card to fulfill their needs. 

There are people who use their credit cards for paying off their mortgage, which is completely a bad idea for so many reasons. Here are two of the most important reasons why you should never use your credit card for mortgage payments: 

  • Not every mortgage company allows people to pay via credit card. So, if you still end up paying your mortgage using your credit card, they will charge you with a convenience fee. A costly affair, right? 
  • It can probably combine all the convenience fees, monthly interest on the mortgage, and even the credit interest. This will further create a large chunk of debt for you in turn. There is more to it! This will impact your credit score, too. 

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Business Startup Cost

Business Startup Cost

No company grows and flourishes in a month or two. It takes a good amount of time to become independent as well as profitable. Since then, the employer and every individual associated with the business remain hopeful. In case the business doesn’t work out, then the employer/founder will continue paying for the interests of his or her failed business. That means one may not be able to clear off all the debts before the interest rates blow up. Hence, relying on a credit card for a business startup is a big “NO”. Instead, one can find a number of other alternatives to fund a small business startup.


Who said college life is cheap? Ask a college student or graduate, they will tell you the hefty college expenses; however, it depends on the University itself.

Students who send themselves to college will definitely know the actual burden of how costly education really is. Needless to mention, the auxiliary costs are much more than one can ever imagine. 

If a person has a stable paycheck, then we second that he or she can rely on a credit card to pay the college tuition fee. On the other hand, it is always recommended to use other options. Why? Universities too can charge students with a two to three percent convenience fee. 

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Starting a day with a perfect cup of latte and freshly warmed bagels. Sounds amazing, right? Do you know what is even more exciting? It is when a person uses a credit card for that. Now, many of you may think that $2-dollar for a coffee is not a big deal. Yes, it is not a big amount but when this $2 dollar is spent on a daily basis, then it will pile up that will further give a person more credit. Well, this is not it! It includes literally many things including shopping, dining out, and going to the movies. 

One of the crucial things many overlooks is that when we rely on our credit cards to fulfill our small wants, we are somewhere sacrificing things we actually require to pay for. This indeed disrupts one’s budgeting plan and he or she regrets those expenses when he or she goes through the monthly bank statement.

In the present age, a credit card is one of the best financial supplements. And if used properly, it can reap ample benefits at the right time. Keeping that in mind, make sure that you do good research and pick the best credit card that goes well with your needs. And once you own a card, remember the aforementioned things and shop wisely. Happy shopping!!

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